The Elimination Process

In life eventually we all will face obstacles, issues and challenges. Its The secret is learning how to deal with each obstacle, issue and challenge. The Womempire Elimination Process will assist you in eliminating and/or minimizing each of your obstacles, issues and challenges and teach you how to use those negative elements to your advantage while increasing your rate of success, personally and professionally.  Arm yourself with information and resources that can make a difference in your life and get you the results you want.

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The Elimination Workbook

The Womempire Elimination Workbook is truly a unique, one of a kind workbook. Its over 100 pages and is made up of a series of multiple workbooks; to be exact you will receive 9 workbooks and a next step guide, totally ten different resource tools to guide you towards your success. Why? Because the steps, the system included in these workbooks are tested and proven by me. As I experience, learned, remembered, tested, failed, retry again, found some success, trained, still trying for success in other things, shedded tears, became frustrated with life, started again - I put all that down to benefit another single working Mom. Why? Because if I was going through this, so was someone else. If I could gain some wins, with what I learned, so could someone else. The process in these serial workbooks truly works. I am proof. If you'll do the work. I definitely can't say its easy, I can say it works. I also have clients who will agree. For just a few of them click here.

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The Proof

The proof is me, Valarie Harris. I am the proof, my life. When you can find success coming out of a poverty stricken childhood (which included stretching meals & at times no running water in the home), to a marriage that should have never existed with the exception of 2 wonderful sons that it produced, finally divorcing after repeatedly being cheated on and children being produced from those affairs during my marriage, 99% of the time never receiving child support even when one of my sons was sick & medical bills was piling up, financially feeling like I could never get a break, always feeling in the struggle, seeing those 2 little faces knowing I had to figure it out and make it right, make it happen - and I did. Not perfectly, but I found a way to raise my son's, get my education, excel in Corporate America to the position of Assistant Vice President in the Office of General Counsel in a Fortune 500 organization (which is no small feat as a non-attorney) and I started my own business, Womempire, to help other single working Mothers. I say all this not to brag. I say this because it was a struggle, it was hard, at times even with many people around I felt lonely. Many times I didn't know what the next answer or option was going to be, the scariest part of that was I had two beautiful faces looking up at me expecting me to have the those answers. But I did it and if I can do it, you can do it. Its about using your tools and resources, but you have to first acknowledge and identify them. I would love to help you do that. I would love to help you make your life become whatever you determine you want it to be.

I'm excited for you! Let's get started!