The Struggle of A Single Mom

The Ultimate Goal Is To Give A Child An Amazing Childhood, While Simultaneously Raising A Productive Adult 

That is a tall order when you are alone, a single mother, struggling, ends not meeting up. Imagine that you are working, but its still, at times just not enough.

Single Moms have this beautiful little face (or faces) staring up at them expecting them to make their world safe & right. That's their job. I know, I've been there. I've walked this path. I've never not work, I was married, then divorced & it was ALWAYS a struggle. The children we raise are everyone's future. They are the next generation's doctors, lawyers, senators, scientists, problems solvers, Presidents of everything including our United States. Its imperative that we invest in helping those in need now; the parents that are molding the adults who will affect our future. Help me, help them. Thank you.

Also, a great bonus, it just feels wonderful!

Please join us in this great purpose and make a difference that effects many others. 

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How does your donation help?

Womempire has a great publication for Single Mothers called the Single Parent's Resource Guide. It is over 48 pages of financial resources, options & tips, including tips for kids. The printing cost for a 48 page booklet is costly. Your contribution would allow us to bring this helpful guide to single working mothers who need it at minimal to no cost.   Contributions received during our Seed Season can be directed to sponsor free training for a select number of mothers to position their households for additional success personally & financially at no cast to them through Womempire programs, products and publications.  Help us make a difference in multiple families lives.