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Thank you so much for visiting the Womempire site. I truly appreciate your time & your interest to understand what we offer. Whether you choose to work with us or buy from us there is an important message (an understanding) that I pray remains with you. Read below:

Always remember the following:

I can't say I know where you are exactly in your life today; what struggles you may be facing or dealing with. I don't specifically know what heavy weight that you may be carrying. What I do know, is that most obstacles & challenges in life are temporary. They have unknown expiration dates. The drama for everyone is that it can be so stressful the entire time you are dealing with that issue/challenge.  The "expiration date" confirms that at some point this issue/challenge will be removed from you. Keeping that fact in mind may remove some of the stress from you. Don't feel like it's a "forever" burden (one that doesn't go away), most negative concerns do go away at some point, but in order to come out on the other-side of that issue/challenge will all be determined by how you respond to it.  Don't let that current negative overtake you. Focus on resolving problems with the needed resources or tools (those may change for each issue). I promise you, over the years, I have been there many times and as a single divorced parent, at times it was brutal - but I made it through. I focused on the outcome (the solutions) and not the aggravation of why the issue/challenge was in my life. I encourage you to stay strong and focus on what is needed for that particular solution. This will make going through less stressful and place you in a better situation once it's over. 

If you need guidance or help please email, I'd love to help. 

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