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How are you?

How are you?

Considering 2020 and the first and second quarters we've had of 2021 - its a fair question, right?

I ask because we should check on one another. When someone asks you that question, when answering with thought and not automatically, you will take a mental emotional inventory of how you really are, and then you'll answer. Sometimes we need to do that, stop and check on ourselves, take a mental account for where we are. Sometimes we're just always "on", especially as women and as Mom's, we don't always stop and check on ourselves especially if there's no one else that's going to check on us.

What I am trying to promote to you is self-care, self-love, especially during very trying times. Without good mental strength everything around us falls short or gets extremely harder - for you and for those around you, for your children, your family.

Take time to care for yourself. Take up healthy things that bring you peace, like mediation, exercise, reading or support groups (can be online).

And as always, to support your stability and your improved way of life, continue to grow your business regardless of what stage its in or if you have stalled or need to resuscitate it. I can tell you from personal experiences, set backs it something that happens in life, but its about how you respond and react to those set backs. That determines your success, not the set backs. I am telling you from my many experiences (even if you are growing by the pace of a turtle) it will be worth it. Just keep moving forward, even if its baby steps.

To assist you, download the free Womempire Life Action Plan Template (located on our homepage) to get you planning ahead, being prepared, and therefore increasing your rate of success.

Continue to stay safe, continue to self-care & self-love (on yourself & your family) and take one day at a time.

Be Well. Be Blessed

Talk with you soon.


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