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Let Go Of What Holds You Back

We all have dreams, desires, wants and things we'd like to accomplish in life. For many of us we have identified our life mission, purpose, desired career, entrepreneurial goals, community activism to assist others or we are on the path to identify these wonderful stations in life for ourselves (you know the reason we are breathing and not just taking up space or air). Whether you are currently working on your dreams, the things you want to accomplish, if you know your purpose or its something that hasn't come to you quite yet, you still want to have the right resources and options readily available to you to use for your success. Simultaneously, you should not do the things that do not work for you. Employing the right and expelling the wrong things can speed up and slow down our progress.

Listed below are three things that you need to let go of in order to find success in life, personally & professionally.

1. Having Lingering False Thoughts: Always consider if what you're thinking is really true. Its funny how we often manipulate our thoughts that we have to fit into things we're experiencing or feeling. Thinking something doesn't make it true, wanting something doesn't make it real. Making sure your thoughts are real (reality) is important to your success. You can't build success on false or fake information or a fake world.

2. Manage Life's Small Annoyances. Life comes with small and big annoyances, that's life. You have to figure out how to manage each annoyance so they don't handicap or delay your success. Don't let any small annoyance rule or control your life. Adjust your attitude and will find you won't be frustrated or stressed.

3. Waiting For The Perfect Day: I hear this so often. Keep in mind you need a plan, you just don't need a perfect plan. Keep in mind you need to start - that's a great plan. Many people wait on the perfect plan or for the "stars to align" and they never find the success they are looking for. From the great words of Maya Angelou: "Just do the best you can until you know better. Then once you know better, do better." Add my words, have a plan, it doesn't have to be a perfect plan, but know your best resources, what will work best to get you what you want and go for it. There's no perfect day.

Can you identify other things that are holding you back that you should let go of? Womempire will be offering an online Mastermind on this subject with 15 topics, positive mindsets tips and proven success tips to guide you from any current level life status to a next level.

Want to let go of some unwanted, unnecessary things in life that's not helping you towards success, email to sign up for the "Let Go Mastermind Class" at

Talk to you soon,

Be Blessed. Be Well.


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