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My Thoughts Create My Reality

I have an abundance of choices regarding how I think and live, we all do. I choose thoughts and actions that support what I am truly seeking in my life. The things that I actually want in my world, not things I am tolerating or settling for. Functioning this way guides me and forms my life. I believe that every thought and decision made has a consequence, and therefore I make a point to consciously manage my thoughts. I pay attention to my thoughts to determine if they are servicing my purpose, if I need to keep them or let them go. I pay attention to my inner dialogue. If I hear unwanted self-talk, I stop the flow of thoughts and redirect them. I choose a new destination for my thoughts and focus my mind on more positive things that will help me be who I want to be and will help me accomplish what I want to accomplish in my life. I am aware of the triggers that lead me to say things I may regret. I use my awareness to guide my decisions. If my mind goes in an unwanted direction, I take notes and update my thought pattern. When stuck in this kind of thought loop, I do something different. I take action. This may mean changing my environment, and I take a walk outside. I listen to music, play sports, write out my thoughts, or just find something else to do. I practice observing my thoughts and choosing new ones. I avoid repeating destructive patterns over again. I am aware of my thoughts. I watch and choose carefully. I know how to replace them with thoughts that serve my higher, self that will help guide me to where I want to be.

Today, I acknowledge that my thoughts are powerful tools. I use my thoughts to create a better reality for myself and others. I use my thoughts wisely and intentionally.

Your thoughts, which leads to the choices, actions & decisions you make literally help create and form your life and reality. To make the improvements you want in life, apply the steps I use and listed above. Also answer the questions below to give you the foundation to start on that's specific to your needs, wants and reality. If you need additional tools, consider the Womempire's 90's Goals & Strategy Workbook, click here.

Self-Reflection Questions:

How can I learn to use my thoughts to improve my life?

How can I be conscious of my thoughts to direct them as tools instead?

Where can I direct my thoughts in ways that help me achieve my highest potential?

Be Well. Be Blessed.

Talk to you soon.


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