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Our Current World

And how we're living in it.

I pray you and your family are well.

I will say it again as I've stated previously, who would have ever thought a year ago, that "this" would have been our 2020?? No one, that's will always be the answer. No matter who you ask. BUT, THIS IS OUR CURRENT WORLD. We all have been affected by the Coronavirus. All of our lives have been affected; work (the way we work, at home, hours we work, where we work, or unemployment), how we shop (getting in almost full armor - face mask, gloves, social distancing, trying to find needed items), stay at home, ongoing social distancing, parents that now have to be teachers (that mind you were never prepared to do a teacher's job). I could go on. BUT, THIS IS OUR CURRENT WORLD.

So I am sure you know all of these things because I am sure you are experiencing some of these things or all of them. Or you know someone who is because we all have family and friends who share their experiences - that statement begins some of the answers. The answers that help us learn to live in our current circumstances. The circumstances that we didn't ask for, but we have to sustain ourselves through until there is a vaccine. One of the greatest things is our relationship connections. That is how we were built, to connect, to communicate, to help one another. Momentarily we may not be able to do that in the normal way with each other, other than those we live with, but this is where we have to get creative and people have! People have visited their elderly family members through glass doors and windows. Of course, those that can do face time or a similar app. Many use some type of webinar account in order to visit with friends and family that is not just in another state, but may just be right up the street. Again, THIS IS OUR CURRENT WORLD.

Three tips/reminders I want to share with you today. One, keep in mind "this too will pass". Once a vaccine is created, life gets back to a form of normal. We just don't know when that will be. My point is, this CURRENT WORLD, is temporary and we are all strong enough to manage through anything temporarily. Two, we are people and again are made to communicate with people. If you need additional conversations while under this stay-at-home order (enforced or not), consider joining a FB group or online group that shares your interests. If you don't see one, start one.

Three, while you are under a stay-at-home (enforced or not) consider your post-coronavirus life. What does that look like? Was your pre-coronavirus life what you wanted it to be? If not, what could you do differently? While in the stay-at-home status start brainstorming and planning to get the post-coronavirus life what you want and deserve.

I will be offer a few video's and workbooks on this topic in the near future. So come back and look for those.

Note:Its better to overprotect yourself (PPE) and stay safe. Than to under protect and not be able to go back and change the results.

God Bless. Stay Safe. Be Well.


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