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Staying Accountable To You

I can say this confidently, regardless of whether we've personally met or not :) , we all want to accomplish our goals in life because we want the things we want, because we want the life we want, because we want to get the results we want and we want the life for our families that they deserve and more. These things I think are universal for any and everyone. In order to make those things happen, its important for a number of things to to take place, but staying accountable to yourself is critical. Without that, its hard to stay focused and motivated, which means accomplishing your set goals decreases and that lifestyle you've envisioned decreases with it.

So here's a tip to stay accountable to yourself and attain the goals you set to get the life you want for you and your family:

1. If you've deemed the task negative, redefine that task in your mind, because anything that you decide is negative you won't tackle or approach.

2. Treat this goal as if the result would either literally change your life for the better or your life depended on it. Then you'll pursue it with passion.

3. In order to get this done you have to want to accomplish this (and get the results) more than you don't want to accomplish it, more than you want to keep your life as it is without accomplishing the goal. You have to want this.

As you can tell a lot of these tips, well all of them, are either mindset or motivational - well really, both.

More to the point, they work.

Best of luck on accomplishing of all your goals.

Be Well, Be Safe.

Talk with you soon,

Valarie @Womempire

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