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The Map Of Your Future

Think about when you read or heard those incredible stories of the seemingly impossible successes. Successes like the boy who legs were badly burned and who seemingly would have a life without the use of his legs, he becomes one of the world's outstanding runner's. Or the youth with a disabling speech impediment and poor self image, becomes one of the nation's most prolific public speakers. Often stories come forward of people who overcome insurmountable obstacles and achieve outstanding successes with often limited resources. How? Why?

Experts have found it is more a matter of why then how. Simply put, they not only decided on a goal it is a dream fixed in their mind that they had to accomplish. Something that was more important (far more important) than the effort and time that had to be allocated to achieve all goals to reach the desired level of success. The this type of worthy destination is a dream seen only in the mind and felt only in the heart, its too big to be denied. Its a dream that's on their mind when they awake in the morning and is the last thing on their minds before they go to sleep at night.

This is the foundation that motivates and inspires the longevity and ambition to accomplish amazing successes, impressive achievements and gives the directions and road map for a Worthy Destination.

Work toward your own Worth Destination by starting with writing a clear vision statement for your life. Visit

Talk with you soon. Be Well. Be Blessed.

Valarie @womempire

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