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The Power of Choice

I know the idea of choice or choosing is something we don't really just sit and think about (not literally), but for a moment take the time to do just that. Sit and think about how many choices and decisions you make on a daily or weekly basis, no matter how small or big. I'm asking you do this because when you come to a number of how many times you actually make varous choices and decisions you can learn two things, (1) you may be surprised at how many times in a day or week you are actually making choices and decisions (that number may surprise you) and (2) that number should tell you just how important making choices and decisions are (powerful).

Each choice and decision you make guides you in a certain path and direction, which of course sets your life on a certain course. So it is imperative that your choices and decisions are made consciously and with as much knowledge and thought as possible. Because as you add one day to the next, you want to end up in that place the you desire and envision for yourself and your family. You want that career that you dream of and worked so hard for, you want the life that you dream of living. Those types of lives don't happen by default (by accident) you work for them, which requre making purposeful choices and decisions.

There is so much I think we do unconsciously, because of habit and consistency. I hope this quick post gives you a thought of things to be conscious of and to purposely work towards.

For guides and workbooks that can assist you go the Womempire's home page, I'd love to help increase your rate of success, personally & professionally.

Be Well. Be Blessed.

Talk to you soon.


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