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Vision Is A Road Map For Your Future

Do you ever sit back and think about where you currently are in life or where you want to be at a later time in life. Or maybe by a certain age what things you thought you would accomplish. Another way of saying the same thing is, by a certain time or age did you think you would have a certain level of success? It could also be a simple thought of moving to a certain state or being married with children by a certain time in your life.

All of these thoughts listed above are directly linked and contributed to having a vision for your life. When you know what your vision is, you then actively have a very specific direction for your life, you have a road map for your life. Your path is not a guess or an assumption, you will not be surprised about where you end up. When you have a vision it dictates everything about what you do, the choices you make, your habits, your interests, even the people you hang around, because that vision is guiding you to that desired life destination.

With all that I just stated, now sit and imagine if you didn't have a vision for your life. If you weren't really sure what you wanted to do or where you were going to end up in your career or what your purpose is. OK and since I mentioned purpose, I will talk very briefly about it. I truly believe everyone has a purpose. I believe we are all good at many things, but there is usually something that you are easily great at and that you would do it all day if allowed to (much less for money).

I believe everyone should consider what they are consciously spending an overwhelming part of their days focused accomplish what in life? That "thing" should be tied to your vision. You should be conscious of it, you should know what it is, you should have a plan for it and be working towards it on a daily basis. If not, the odds of you reaching a life destination that you are happy with, excited about, just drastically decreased.

**Good news! Early October I am releasing a program titled The 20/15 Vision Program that focuses on assisting clients established their vision and personal brand. Look out for it!**

Talk with you soon,

Be Well. Be Blessed.


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