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Your 2023 Life Chapters

It truly seems like each year that passes, seems to go by faster than the year before. As each current year was in the process of speeding by, I often have a habit of thinking of the plans that I made for that year; reviewing what I accomplished, considering what's still left to do and thinking if there are any goals that I would need to roll over to the new year?

Having a structured plan and a strategy allows me to keep my goals in focus and have a better chance at creating the life I truly want. If I didn't continue this process, accomplishing a large number of my goals would be left to chance. I don't know about you, but I have a picture in my mind of what I want and what I'd like my life to look like. I don't want to leave that to chance, it's too important.

Planning ahead in life is like envisioning your best life. When you write out the vision of your elevated life, it has the potential to become your new chapters in your life's story. I say "potential" because if you write your next chapters, but don't pursue them, then its just a fictional story that's based on your life. If you actively work at making the details of your new life chapters a reality, then you are moving towards your elevated life. Your best life, the life you would pay to live.

I encourage you to take a review of your 2022 year. Make notes of what worked, what didn't, anything you'd like to change? For any challenges and obstacles you may have had, write out how you responded to each and any lessons you learned. Use that information to your advantage to minimize any potential challenges and concerns in 2023. Write out your next life chapters and work diligently at making those words on the pages a reality. It will help you gain the life that you want and deserve.

If you need assistance planning, pick up two Womempire workbooks that will help you to review your 2022 year (titled Your Year 2022 In Review) and how to plan for your 2023 (New Year Success Steps for 2023). You can get both workbooks for under $12.00 at the link below.

To increase your rate of success, always plan ahead for the life you want.

I pray you and your family have a safe blessed holiday and an amazing New Year.

Chat with you again soon.

Be Blessed. Be Well

Valarie @ Womempire

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