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“I have worked with Valarie a few times and she has always given me sound advice that has assisted me in moving forward in life and addressing various challenges.”

— S.Willis Stands Films

Arts & Crafts

“ I have personally benefited from Womempire's programs and one-on-one sessions with Valarie. She has also assisted many times with the growth of my business. Womempire is worth your time & money.”

— S.Murphy, Life After Birth


“My one-on-one with Valarie at Womempire has always been full of great information and always provided me with a better direction and understanding. I will definitely recommend Womempire for anyone who wants to move forward in life.”

— M. Jackson, Author

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“I was going through a rough time personally and needed direction and order in my life. I needed help. I purchased a Womempire Life Audit Program  & Mirror Therapy. I can honestly say it helped me tremendously. Sometimes there are somethings right in front of us that we don't see or understand how to handle. Womempire Workbooks addressed this and gave me direction. I just got my 90 Day Workbook. It's amazing!

— Nancy, J.


“I bought the 90 Day works! Its just that simple. Like Valarie said in the video, if you do the work, it works. Great Workbook!”

— Michelle James


“I was happy to give this testimony. If you want to make some changes in life, get a Womempire Workbook. It truly worked for me. I've bought two, Mirror Therapy (great advice and awesome tips) and the 90's Workbook (amazing tool I use everyday).”

— Tonya Jameson